Summer 2020 Curriculum Updates

Three (3) Revised Grade 9-Adult Activities

We are pleased to announce key updates/replacements to three of the 9-Adult activities.

  • Activity 4: Preparation for Careers
  • Activity 8: Experiencing Careers While Still in School
  • Activity 9: Selecting your Career Goal

Watch Experiencing Careers video

These updates are currently integrated and can be seen by logging into your student account at

Five (5) Activities added for Grades 6-8

We are pleased to announce these new activities to the 6-8 curriculum:

  • Activity 12: My Learning Style
  • Activity 13: The Changing Workplace
  • Activity 14: My Business Plan
  • Activity 15: The Economics of Jobs
  • Activity 16: Tour of My CTC

Watch My Learning Style video

These updates are currently being integrated into now and will all be available soon.

Thank You to the Summer 2020 Curriculum Team

We had an amazing summer with this year's group of interns from Carnegie Mellon University leading the way with their creativity and hard work.

Meixuan (Lucy) Li
Kevin Wang

Suzette Oberhol-Schultz

Thanks also go to the volunteer mentors who coached and supported the intern superstars as they created the 8 new activities this summer. Serving as coaches were Ginny Barrett from Central Bucks, Karen Smith from Newport SD, Michelle Dubbs from Shippensburg Area SD, Jackie Jaros from Dear Lakes, education consultant Chris Herman, and Alice Justice representing herself. Jackie and Alice even authored their own activities. Great job!