New: 6-8 Career Plan

screenshot of cover of 6-8 Career Plan from Smart Futures
We've got something special for the grade 6-8 students next year. 

In addition to the five new activity modules in grades 6-8, also is releasing a special My 6-8 Career Plan.

Although the SF K-12 career plan satisfies compliance, we felt that middle school students deserved something special, especially because the creation of an individualized career plan is specifically mentioned in Pennsylvania's Career Education and Work Standards.

The 6-8 Career Plan is automatically generated upon completion of the four primary 6-8 surveys:

  • My Interests 
  • My Work Values 
  • My Career Clusters and Pathways 
  • My Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Here are the details around this thoughtful, graphically beautiful document:

  • Fully illustrated, four-color 
  • Written from the perspective of a caring career counselor 
  • Customized to the students survey results and favorite careers Nearly 30 pages

You'll definitely want to email this one to the parents. Check it out.

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