A New Template for Implementing Your District-Wide Academic/Career Plan and Portfolio System Using SmartFutures.org


You've trusted us with your subscription. Now it's time for us to deliver YOU a holiday gift.

Smart Futures now provides its subscribers with a drop-in plan for implementing your district-wide (or school-wide) career plan and portfolio system using SmartFutures.org.

The Plan is broken into 3 parts:

  • Tier One and Tier Two Interventions
  • A five-section description of the Academic and Career Plan and Portfolio Process
  • Descriptions and examples of the four (4) main student outputs: the grade band Activity Journals, 6-8 Career Plans, K-12 Career Plans, and K-12 Career Portfolios 

This is a great tool for school-wide training and will (hopefully) encourage buy-in from all school staff.

The plan is available to subscribing districts and will be updated on a regular basis as new activities and features are added to the platform. Subscribers can contact David Mosey to request the document.