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Online career guidance via mentoring supported by Corporations in Pennsylvania

It’s amazing to think that thousands of kids in Pennsylvania are receiving career guidance from real-life working adults who themselves have navigated the complicated web that will connect high school students from a suitable career.

eMentoringLogoin 2012-13 again owes so much thanks to our corporate sponsors that provide the resources needed to offer this program in schools and community based organizations throughout Allegheny County and now growing throughout Pennsylvania.

The following organizations and donors not only contribute volunteers to serve as eMentors, but also provide the financial support needed to make PA eMentoring thrive.

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Keys2Work — IMPROVEs foundation skills critical to college and career success

Keys2Work:  Smart Futures’ First Program and Still Growing

When we created Keys2Work in 1999, I had no idea it would first spread through Pennsylvania as a resource to document student skill gains for special education teachers.  Looking back, it all makes sense.  The WorkKeys skill

k2wlogolevels, the ability to target and remediate gaps, and the benchmarking againstcareer goals is a perfect fit within an IEP.

Today Keys2Work is experiencing its largest growth in high schools and community-based programs that are looking for foundation skill improvement programs that can provide Relevance to the remediation for virtually any student.  The ability to tie skill gains to improvement on PSSAs, college coursework preparation, as well as workplace success is a powerful tool for today’s educator.

And more amazing news:  Last year the educators using Keys2Work in Pennsylvania were able to IMPROVE the foundation skill levels of their students leading to an increase in the collective earning capacity of these students by over $400 Million!!!

This year, Keys2Work is poised to be used by a wider variety of educators, in more Pennsylvania classrooms than ever before.

In addition to career exploration, Keys2Work offers online differentiated instruction in 9 core foundational skill areas.  Keys2Work uses ACT’s powerful WorkKeys(R) System to provide hundreds of hours skill remediation in 9 foundation skill areas considered critical to the success in virtually any career.

          Reading for Information              Applied Mathematics
          Locating Information                    Observation
          Writing                                                 Listening
          Teamwork                                           Applied Technology
          General Career Skills

Improvements in these skill areas have been shown to improve PSSA results, improve students’ grades, help students be prepared for college work, and improve their eventual earning capacity in the workplace.

Login to your instructor account or register for a new instructor code at or call Diane Duncan at 412-288-3900 ext. 223.