Monthly Archives: May 2012

Congratulations to May’s Mentor/Mentee of the Month!

Dr. Robert E. Marmelstein, an Associate Professor at East Stroudsburg University was paired up with Jay, a junior at Cranberry High School and the two had an immediate connection due to Jay’s central career interest, Engineering with “an eye toward working in aviation, preferably as a pilot.” Not only is this an interesting career choice by itself, but Dr. Marmelstein also served as an engineer in the Air Force, which allowed him to really hone in on what exactly Jay would need to focus on, highlight, and even improve if he was going to pursue that career. Dr. Marmelstein elaborated by saying that part of what he emphasized to Jay was “the importance of an engineering background, even for pilots.  This is especially true if, as in Jay’s case, a pilot aspires to do flight testing.”


The questions and answers didn’t stop there, though. Jay was also curious about college and what steps he was going to have to take in order to ensure a successful college life. Even more to the point, Jay was interested in finding out which high school courses, interests, and part time jobs, best prepared him for getting an engineering degree. To this, Dr. Marmelstein emphasized that “attitude was just as important as academics; that is, you had to be prepared to handle stress and creatively think through problems and around ‘road blocks.'”


Dr. Marmelstein says that his “mentoring experience with Jay was both positive and straightforward” for both of them. He also went on to say that “in Jay’s case, he was highly motivated and already taking many of the actions I recommended. Before the mentoring process was complete, he had already applied to several excellent engineering schools.”


Lastly, he says that from his perspective, the eMentoring experience “helped him reconnect with the detailed and painstaking thought process a young person goes through when choosing a career,” and that while interacting with Jay, he identified with many of his questions and concerns-as he long ago had many of them himself.


Jay also had nothing but good things to say about the mentor and about the eMentoring program in general. He said he thoroughly enjoyed his experience with his eMentor and was able to not only get a better understanding of his career, but of the colleges he was thinking of attending. Jay also concluded by saying that his mentor also “allowed me to understand the skills I would need for my career and what skills I need to improve on. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with e-mentoring and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about a career.”


Thank you Robert and Jay for your exceptional effort in this program.