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Congratulations to April’s Mentor/Mentee of the Month!


Congratulations to Melissa M. and Keeley B. for being named

April’s Mentor/Mentee of the month!

 Keeley is a ninth grade student who is interested in becoming a Physical Therapist because she wants to help others.  From the first couple of exchanges with her mentor, she has been made aware of other careers similar to Physical Therapy; one being Occupational Therapy. “Thank you so much for hinting me toward OT also” says Keeley. “OT sounds really interesting, I would love to do things like that as well as PT. I just want to be able to help people who can not help them self.”

Melissa works for Highmark Inc. as a Decision Support Specialist II.  She has been a mentor for four years now.  Melissa says she has “truly enjoyed being a person the eMentee can come to, to ask questions, look to for suggestions and truly help guide towards their future.  I remember how difficult it was for me to decide what I wanted to do ‘after high school’ and did not feel I had much guidance.  Being able to provide that guidance to someone else is so rewarding.  I’ve enjoyed interacting with all of my eMentees but my most recent eMentee, Keeley, has been especially rewarding.  I feel like I’ve been able to open her eyes to what is out there which ultimately will help her to decide how she wants to achieve her goals.”

Thank you Keeley and Melissa for your outstanding dedication to the PA eMentoring program.  Keep up the exceptional work!