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Congratulations to Brad and Doug for being named March 2012 Mentor/Mentee of the Month!

Congratulations to Bradley G. and Doug S. for being named March 2012 Mentor/Mentee of the month.  

Brad and Doug’s rapport was strong throughout the eMentoring program.  They discussed important topics such as post secondary education and majors one can pursue in college.

Brad first became an eMentor in 2008 when the program first began.

He was in graduate school earning his K-12 School Guidance Certification.    “I am not currently in the school guidance field but I still have the desire to help young students succeed and grow as individuals and become productive members of society.  Being an eMentor helps fulfill that desire.  When I am able to help a student out in any way, I feel like I help make the world a better place.   Reading emails from my mentees that say stuff like, “Wow, I never thought of that before!” or a simple, “Thank you for helping where others have not.” is what drives me to want to help more.”

Doug, a senior at Apollo Ridge High School, is a self-motivated, well rounded student who participated in eMentoring in his “Senior Internship” class.

“I had a very good experience as a PA eMentee. This program has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that are out in the world. I learned that I do not have to decide on a career right away and that it is very important to make sure what you choose is something that you truly enjoy. My overall experience was positive and I’m glad I was able to participate in the program.”


Congratulations Doug and Brad!  Thank you for your exceptional effort and dedication to this program.