Monthly Archives: December 2011

Congratulations to Katie and William for being selected as December’s Mentee/Mentor of the month!

Katie is a 10th grade student at Belle Vernon high school. Because of her interest in engineering, Katie chose William, a Technical Specialist from Alcoa, as her mentor.

Katie and William’s rapport started strong as William broke the ice with an “old engineering joke”. Katie shared the joke with her father, who is also an engineer, and both had a chuckle. From that point on, Katie and William talked about engineering, perseverance and life experiences.

“I think the program is very enlightening and helpful when someone who is experienced is telling you about how they got to where they are. I think this program is really valuable to students,” says Katie.

William, who is a new mentor to the program, was matched shortly after he signed up.

“Participating as an eMentor gave me an opportunity to share my educational and career choices with someone at the point in her life where these decisions were being made. This started as a ‘trip down memory lane’ for me as I completed activities that documented my own career path,” says William.

“After being matched with my mentee through our common engineering interest, I was delighted to correspond with a bright, focused student who was clearly interested in making good choices for her future. It has been a pleasure providing additional data and personal insight to a student who I’m sure will make good use of it.”

Congratulations again to Katie and William. Your exceptional effort and dedication to this program is what makes it a success. Keep up the great work!

Smart Futures Bundles Programs, Saves schools $$$

Towards an affordable, flexible, and comprehensive career guidance program for schools….

Smart Futures has now bundled its career education programs, including the powerful new PA Career Guides program, into one low-cost program package.  To the schools we serve, this means more online career preparation programming for less $$$.  New and existing customers will now have access to ALL Smart Futures programming at one low annual cost.  With the program bundle, many existing Keys2Work customers will actually pay less next year while receiving more program offerings.


The 2012 Smart Futures Value Pack  includes unlimited access to these career preparation programs:

  A career based skill improvement and credentialing  for grades 8-12; great for use within IEPs

Game-like website allowing students to create career plan within 2-3 hours of online play for grades 6-9

 – NEW!!!!  Online career guides lead students through a college and career planning process– grades 8-11

  • Great for general education, special education and gifted populations
  • 10 fun, flexible interactive online career education activities
  • Activity completion leads to a personalized college and career plan for each student
  • Over 1000 online career guides share their own experiences and thoughts about their path through college and careers

PLUS   Lets 25 students choose an online mentor who helps guide them through 10 career activities leading to a college and career plan for each student – grades 9-11. (value $1000)

PLUS  A Free financial education and certification program with modules for kids, teens and young adults; a partnership with Wells Fargo’s award winning Hands On Banking program.


Contact Diane James at Smart Futures to order or to upgrade to the new unlimited program bundle today —, 412-288-3900 ext. 236.

Congratulations to Russell and Kylie for being named November’s Mentor/Mentee of the month!

Kylie is a student in the Health Assistant II program at Parkway West Career and Technology Center    who plans to pursue a career in the Medical Field. Russell is a medical student who has worked at  UPMC in the past and has just completed a Neuropathology rotation within the University of  Pittsburgh Medical Center.  This particular mentor/mentee relationship has grown since their first  exchange.

Russell took his mentoring job in stride and began to jumpstart the thought process for his mentees future.  “I wanted to become a PA eMentor in order to help teenagers achieve their educational goals. The transition between high school and college can be exciting, confusing, and sometimes stressful” says Russell.  “I know when I was in high school, this time was especially hard. I didn’t know a lot about my options regarding institutions of higher learning, funding, or what my ultimate career goal was. I think PA eMentoring provides invaluable services to young people because it lets students talk directly to people that are in the same career that the student is interested in. This provides a great opportunity to ask questions and learn about their career path.”

Kylie knew coming into the program that she wanted to further her education and find a career in the healthcare field. “I chose Russ because he is a medical student. From my first glance at his profile, I could tell that we were very similar,” says Kylie.  “Russell completely changed my mind-set on college when he related his own personal experiences.  He gave me advice on where to go to college and even helped me choose a career to pursue.  All-in-all, I believe that my mentor and I have an awesome relationship.  He has been incredibly helpful.  Thank you Russ!”


Thank you to Russell and Kylie for your exceptional effort and dedication to this program!