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PA eMentoring: July Contest!

Have you ever received a message from a mentee that validates your contribution as a PA eMentor? This month we are featuring a contest of mentor/mentee testimonials that show just how beneficial the PA eMentoring program can be. If you feel that your relationship with your mentee has gone above and beyond the call of duty, please submit a 300 words or less testimonial talking about your experience as a PA eMentor! Your PA eMentoring stories can impact and lead others to sign up as mentors and make a difference by sharing their career story with a high school student. The winning testimonial will be shared on the PA eMentoring website as well as receiving the grand prize of a new IPOD NANO WITH MULTI-TOUCH.

Bucks County Workforce Investment Board Partners with PA eMentoring!

A case study was conducted by the PA eMentoring program with the Bucks County Workforce Investment Board to bring online career mentors to youths in their community. The Bucks County WIB purchased 12 classrooms (300 PA eMentoring licenses) for 12 schools in Bucks County which included, Bucks County Technical High School; Upper Bucks County Technical School, and Harry S. Truman High School (Bristol Township). This program was funded through the Bucks County RCEP which is the “Regional Career Education Program”.This program is a standing subcommittee of the Bucks County Youth Council. Funds were also made available from a RCEP grant. Volunteers who participated in the program came from differing career backgrounds which offered the students a chance to better connect with a mentor. The volunteers came from companies such as, Bucks County WIB; CBCC Women in Business; Career Link; Cumulus Media; Cheyney University; Child, Home and Community; Bucks County Housing Group; Mangor Inc.; Johnsrud Architects; Bucks County Assistance Office; Bracco Diagnostics Inc; CILBC; United States Steel USS; and Drexel University. Through this case study with the Bucks County Workforce Investment Board, 32 total career plans were made as well as 57 total mentor/mentee matches. At Smart Futures, we stand by our mission of helping kids “get real”- about who they are, where they want to go, and how to get there!

May Spotlight: Mentor Terry S. and Mentee Stefanie A.

During the month of May we took a look at a relationship with the medical field acting as the cohesive bond. Mentor Terry S. and Mentee Stefanie A. have created a relationship with open lines of communication.

Stefanie went into the PA eMentoring program with a clear route cut out for her future. Going into the program, Stefanie knew that she wanted to become a nurse with a bachelor’s degree in science. With that being said Terry stepped right in and gave her insight, tapping into her mindset when she was in Stefanie’s shoes years ago.

Focusing on past experiences is a great way to break down the professional barrier of a mentor/mentee relationship in order to create a connection on a more personal level. Advice on how to get started or what route to take for their future is valuable to the mentee and a great way to form a relationship.

Stefanie A. ” I love kids and always want to be around them. Besides nursing, I have always thought of education as another job that I would enjoy and like to pursue. If I don’t go into teaching of some kind I am thinking of a medical job that has to do with children and caring for them.”

Terry S. – “How about Pediatric Nursing? I think that is a great field. I do camp nursing in the summer. I love the kids and I am also able to teach them a thing or two. I can remember teaching kids how to swallow pills, give themselves insulin injections, and how to handle other issues. You could then be doing two things that you like to do. Some of my students in the college class that I teach – work at Children’s Hospital and love it.”

This specific relationship between Terry S. and Stefanie A. is a great example of how opening up and being yourself can account for some of the most beneficial and informational PA eMentoring relationships.