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April Mentor/Mentee Spotlight: Brett B. and Ryan T.

Staying connected through messaging and activities is an essential aspect to the success of a mentor and mentees relationship. However, the relationship between Ryan T. from Belle Vernon Area High School and Brett B. from American Eagle Outfitters has raised the bar for great mentor and mentee rapport.
The introduction message is critical because it grants the mentor as well as the mentee the chance to provide a brief introduction. The mentee is able to list their career aspirations as well as their interests within and outside of their schools while at the same time, the mentors are able to give a brief overview of what their job entails as well as their interests outside of the workplace. From the first exchange between Ryan and Brett, their common interests allowed for a smooth and effortless conversation that opened the lines of communication from the beginning. The conversations between Brett and Ryan have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Aside from answering the questions at the conclusion of each activity, Ryan has brought it upon himself to ask Brett additional questions that will be beneficial in his decision making:

Ryan T. – “When you were a kid like me, did you have multiple options on what you wanted to do when you were older? I know some careers I would like to be part of, I just don’t know which one to pursue and which ones to forget about. All are somewhat similar but in college should I pursue just one or leave my options open to them all?”

Brett B.- “I had a lot of different interests when I was in High School and College. Deciding which road to take was really one of the harder things I had to do. Part of what is great about the college experience is that you are exposed to new ideas. You may come across something you didn’t even know you’d be interested in.”

Throughout the program, with the completion of each activity both Ryan and Brett have stayed on top of sending their messages. These messages allow for a brief discussion of what was covered in each activity. Nevertheless, Ryan and Brett have formed a relationship that is reminiscent to a friendship in the respect that the comfort level between the mentor and mentee enabled them to have honest and constructive conversations.
Both the mentor and mentee benefit from strong and productive relationships. The connection between Ryan T. and Brett B. is a wonderful example of the benefits of PA eMentoring. You too can have a fantastic relationship with your mentee; it is never too late to form a bond! Good Luck and we thank you for your continued support and participation!

Getting Involved!

Sure the usual food drive, clothing and monetary donations are a great way to give back to the community. But what if there was some way that you could give back to the community while simultaneously molding the future of our society?

Look no further! PA eMentoring enables companies to give back to their communities by mentoring high school students from around the area. PA eMenotoring is an innovative and constructive way to benefit the community. Make your mark by getting involved with the mentor program by guiding students through interactive activities and sending encouraging messages and advice that will help them plan their future! Success is not only determined by what you have done for yourself, but also by what you have done for others.

This generation is our future and this is your chance to make a difference and leave your mark on the future of our society. The generation which is ready to embark on their future is sometimes referred to as the “lost generation.” PA eMentoring is one way that your company can help find this “lost generation” and help guide them with career goals in order to brighten their futures.

It only takes 20 minutes a week to make a difference in a student’s life. We encourage you to give back to the community and help this generation make their futures bright!

“Being closely tied to your community can give you a significant sense of yourself.”
Quote from a current PA eMentor