Monthly Archives: February 2011

Smart Futures attends School Counselor Conference

Smart Futures attended the Pennsylvania School Counselor Conference this week to educate school counselors on our career education programs. We met a number of counselors, new to Smart Futures and current users, that are interested in using our resources to help students “Get real! About who they are, where they want to go and how to get there.” Thank you to all of the wonderful counselors that will implement our programs to help students build successful futures.

Megan Palovsky; PA eMentor Testimonial Winner!

Congratulations to Megan Palovsky who was chosen to win the PA eMentoring Testimonial Competition.

Megan is an Account Coordinator for TrueSense Marketing where she coordinates and implements development strategies for non-profit organizations.

When Megan first heard of the PA eMentoring program she immediately thought “what do I have to offer high school students, I’m barely out of college myself and this is my first job- what do I know that they don’t?” After thinking about her choices she made after college, she decided she wanted to share with her mentees “some things I wish I had been told in high school to help better prepare myself for college and beyond”.

Megan was matched to three students during the PA eMentoring program and had three very different experiences. Once Megan began the activities, she not only felt her mentees enjoyed the activities, but she enjoyed and learned from the activities as well, “The activities not only showed the mentees the many options that were out there, but also gave me the opportunity to give them insight as a recent college grad about the massive amount of information and career choices available to them that wouldn’t normally be shown as options”.

Megan is still matched to two mentees who are finishing up their final activities in the program, “The only thing I wanted to gain from this experience was making a difference in one person’s life- even if it was giving them an option they wouldn’t normally give consideration to.”

Congratulations again to Megan Palovsky!

Belle Vernon High School students talk about PA eMentoring

Belle Vernon high school’s 10th grade students in a Personal Finance class are participating in the PA eMentoring program this school year. We had the chance to visit one of the several classes to ask the students and classroom teacher what they thought about PA eMentoring. 70 students have participated thus far and we are anticipating another 120 to begin the program within the next couple of weeks. Here is what they had to say! Belle Vernon high school students talk about PA eMentoring