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Smart Futures and PA eMentoring Encourage Participants for Coro Pittsburgh Program

Women in Leadership

 “The Coro Women in Leadership Program is an excellent opportunity for networking, for building self-awareness, and for gaining a greater understanding of the strength and experiences of women leaders in our region.” – WIL Graduate, Julie DeSeyn

 The Coro Pittsburgh Women in Leadership (WIL) Program is a three-month, part-time training program aimed at providing an opportunity for women in the region to enhance their leadership skills and to build sustainable professional and social networks. Within this framework, the purpose of the Women in Leadership Program is to develop a stronger network of women leaders in order to create positive change for women in the Southwest Pennsylvania region.

 Program Outcomes

–       Participants will enhance their leadership and professional development skills through experiential and interactive training opportunities.

–       Participants will be able to effectively involve all sectors of the community to address issues by understanding, building and leveraging networks.

–       Participants will be actively engaged in their communities, including the Women in Leadership Alumnae network.


The program curriculum is based on interactive and experiential training that assists women to position themselves for civic and professional leadership roles.

By understanding, building and leveraging local and regional relationships, participants work to create positive change for their communities.

 The Women in Leadership Program contains the following curriculum components:

–       Leadership skill development

–       Networking opportunities

–       Interviews with local leaders

–       Site visits to regional organizations

–       Group projects

–       Individual Action Plan

–       Personal coach for mentoring

 For more information and to apply visit

Contact: Misti McKeehen at 412-258-2676 or

 Early acceptance application date: February 1, 2010

Final date to apply: March 1, 2010

Program begins: April 10, 2010

Spotlight: A Great Book on Mentoring


This is a great, easy read guide and resource book for those embarking on or involved in a mentoring relationship in the work place, either as a mentor or a mentee. Dr. Ambrose shares his considerable experience working in this field during the past 35 years. He addresses some of the common concerns about mentoring which most mentors have such as whether or not to give advice, the importance of empathy, the importance of listening and the timing of conversations.

There are so many valuable tips about how the mentor can be a wise guide through the different stages of the mentoring journey and the reader is left in no doubt about the power of a mentoring relationship in one’s own personal development. In addition, there are sections for the mentees, helping them understand the nature of the mentoring relationship, offering them guidelines with regard to the development of this relationship, what is expected of them as mentees, characteristics to look out for in an effective mentor and so much more.


Between sections are ‘Interludes’, true mentoring stories which add credibility to the book. There is humor throughout this highly recommended book which clearly brings out the life-changing impact a mentoring relationship can have on both the mentor and the mentee, even the work place environment, when they are both committed to the relationship. (Review by Peer Resources Network member R. Cox.)

Perrone-Ambrose Associates, Inc. (2008)
Chicago, Illinois
Tel: (800) 648-0543
Discounts are available on bulk orders and this is the kind of book you’d want to widely distribute to your mentors and their partners

David Mosey, Executive Director on the Lynne Hayes-Freeland Show!

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Watch David Mosey and Candi Castleberry-Singleton Interviewed  

 On January 24, 2010, Smart Futures Executive Director David Mosey and UPMC Center for Inclusion Chief Diversity Officer Candi Castleberry- Singleton took a seat on the Lynne Hayes-Freeland Show to discuss the new UPMC diversity initiative and our PA eMentoring program!


President Obama Celebrates National Mentoring Month

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President Obama and Michelle Obama on Mentoring Month

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama celebrated National Mentoring Month by emphasizing the importance of being a caring adult in the life of a child at an event held at the White House on January 20, 2010.

President Obama issued a call to action for more Americans to mentor, stating that “…if compassionate, committed adults are willing to step up, then think about the incredible impact that we can have. Think about the potential that we will discover, and the talent that we will nurture, and the lives that we can turn around, and the effect that we can have on our schools and our communities and the future of this country. That’s the power of mentoring. That’s the purpose of what all of you are doing across America.”

During his speech, President Obama also recognized the partnership between MENTOR and Viacom Inc., a leading media company. The President applauded their strong commitment to America’s children.

The new partnership between MENTOR and Viacom Inc., is called Get Connected: Be a Mentor, Change a Life. Through Get Connected, Viacom will match its employees with students in New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Nashville. MENTOR will serve as mentoring counsel and guide to ensure Viacom is executing first-rate, quality programming throughout the country and will provide the company and its volunteer employees with state-of-the-art mentoring tools and resources.