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eMentoring proving highly effective in studies

It’s good to see continued momentum around evaluating the effectiveness of eMentoring vs. in person, face-to-face.

According to an Australian study referenced below:girl on computer

” E-mentoring has been found to be more convenient, more direct and better than face-to-face mentoring, according to a study. ‘E-mail-based communication is almost instant and helps overcome one of the major obstacles to traditional mentoring – participants finding a suitable time to meet,’ said Kim Rickard of Victoria University, who conducted the study.

School-Based Mentoring; Quick Facts from the Mentoring Partnership


In school mentoring has shown to have positive impact on kids

In school mentoring has shown to have positive impact on kids

A recent research project conducted by The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania uncovered that the number of schools in our region that have a mentoring program is nearly half compared to the national average. (For more details on this research, go to:

Specific impacts of mentoring documented by research include:

  • Mentored youth feel greater competence in completing their schoolwork higher levels of classroom engagement and higher grades.
  • School-based mentoring enhances connectedness to schools, peers and society youth have more positive attitudes toward school and teachers.
  • Mentored youth experience improvements in parental relationships and their sense of self-worth.
  • Both one-to-one mentoring and group mentoring result in better school attendance for mentored youth.