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Wells Fargo and Smart Futures announces Financial Literacy 101 for Pennsylvania’s Schools

Both inside and outside of the workplace, there is an increasing need to understand money and how it works. money Educators have little doubt that financial literacy is an important skill for all students to learn.  While there is a wealth of free financial literacy curricula available to schools over the internet, most are not offered to teachers in a way that can be easily incorporated into a classroom.  One reason is that most of these resources do not provide student tracking systems that allow teachers to monitor student progress and demonstrate gain through pre- and post-assessments.

Towards that end, Smart Futures has partnered with Wells Fargo to develop Financial Literacy 101: an online financial literacy resource built around Wells-Fargo’s award-winning Hands On Banking® program.   Hands on Banking® provides best-in-class, online learning content while Smart Futures provides pre- and post-assessments and a student tracking system allowing educators to monitor and document student progress.  It age-appropriately tests and enhances student knowledge on a variety of financial literacy topics through three different modules targeted to young adults (grades 9-12), teens (grades 6-8), and kids (grades 4-5).

Financial Literacy 101 is free to all Pennsylvanian schools and community-based organizations (CBO’s) through a grant from the Heinz Endowment.  If your school or CBO is not currently using a Smart Futures program, feel free to use the contact information provided below in order to become registered for Financial Literacy 101.  All schools or CBO’s using a Smart Futures program automatically have access to Financial Literacy 101 at no additional charge and do not have to be re-registered.  These schools and CBO’s should access the resource through their current Smart Futures’ accounts.

Along with Financial Literacy 101, two other fun and educational financial literacy resources are available as well. NFL Financial Football allows students score touchdowns based on their financial knowledge and Disney’s Hot Shot Business teaches younger kids about entrepreneurialism.

If you have any other questions about Financial Literacy 101, please contact David Mosey at (412) 288-3900 ext. 223 or